Leadership Team

Outstanding leadership is the key to building a productive, successful, and ethical business. The All Systems Installation leadership team guides our employees based on our core value – integrity. Our leaders team together to bring you more than 120 years of experience. The personalities of these individuals, combined with their expertise and knowledge, have shaped the structure for success for All Systems.


Malecha, Jeff Resume
Jeff Malecha – President, ASI

All Systems Installation is a company that has been focused on superior service for over 30 years. As employees, we are dedicated to our customer’s success and passionate about the work we do. By using a team approach to projects and cultivating a culture of integrity and continuous improvement, ASI has been afforded the opportunity to be involved in some of the most cutting-edge projects in the Midwest. Jeff provides leadership and oversight for All Systems Installation, as well as the day-to-day management decisions of the company.

“We are committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers. We believe our team’s expertise and approach to project management is the key to building long term relationships. Our continuous focus on innovation helps us deliver exceptional service to our customers.”

– Jeff Malecha, 10 years with ASI/Parsons

Verness, Todd Resume
Todd VerNess – Branch Manager, ASI Rochester

“From the office staff to the field staff, we work together in a team setting to make sure the customer feels our passion and commitment to fulfill their needs. We want the customer to know when they choose ASI, they have joined our team and we are committed to their success”, says Branch Manager, Todd VerNess. Todd is responsible for the day-to-day business of the ASI Rochester office, as well as continuing to grow and develop our presence in the Southern Minnesota market.

“At ASI, we strive to build not only a long term relationship with our customers, but a relationship focused on the success of their organization. This commitment to our customers is what has been the foundation of our success at ASI for many years.”

– Todd VerNess, 18 years with ASI/Parsons

Chris Busch – Vice President, Technologies Field Operations

Our strength in field operations is rooted in the capabilities of our skilled tradespeople. Our goal is to be of value through excellence in service, innovation, and performance. We strive daily to exceed our customer’s expectations through a commitment to safe conduct, ownership of the relationship and project, leadership, proactive thinking and planning, effective communication, mentorship, and professionalism. Chris is responsible for the leadership and development of the ASI field technicians in both Golden Valley and Rochester.

“I am humbled to work with a team of truly dedicated professionals. It is the values they model I am most proud of; integrity and accountability, gratitude, a commitment to serve, and belief in the art of the possible.”

– Chris Busch, 17 years with ASI/Parsons

Wendy Boosalis – Senior Vice President, Technologies

We understand the only way to remain relevant is to facilitate an innovative environment for our people. “We might be in the process of strategically acquiring a business to expand our services to our existing customers or re-purposing 3,000 square feet of warehouse to a state of the art audio rack fabrication space. In either case, we are ‘Reinventing Possible’”, says Senior Vice President of Technologies, Wendy Boosalis. Wendy leads, develops, and works to sustain the Technologies business practice for Parsons and its affiliated entities – always striving to discover new opportunities for growth by expanding our services and our reach.

“For me, one of the most rewarding aspects is the collective mental energy that is expended every day at every level to improve our customer’s and employee’s experience. We seek improvement of our processes, tools, equipment, services, and our knowledge.”

– Wendy Boosalis, 16 years with ASI/Parsons

Moryn, Joel Resume
Joel Moryn – CEO, Parsons

Passion for Parsons’ growth, project success, and leadership embodies Joel’s commitment to the company. He has built a reputation as a caring, insightful, and knowledgeable leader throughout his extensive career at Parsons. The employees of Parsons trust Joel to lead the development of the company’s strategy and oversee its implementation. He is ultimately responsible for ensuring that Parsons is appropriately organized and staffed, to assess the principal risks of the company and to ensure these risks are being monitored, and day-to-day management decisions of the company. He understands that effective leadership requires a blend of characteristics, styles, and skills and he has cultivated that in his leadership team.

“We have a diversity of thought within the senior leadership team and we share a high standard for corporate citizenship and social responsibility wherever we do business.”

– Joel Moryn, 36 years