All Systems Installation utilizes prefabrication (prefab) to provide construction and design services to many of our projects. ASI’s prefab department sets a tone for a project that promotes safety and quality.

For prefabrication, every project is unique and includes close interaction between our BIM department, prefabrication group, and the construction team to ensure every step is productive.

Efficiencies are gained through a number of areas, such as:

  • workforce leveling
  • optimized working conditions
  • safe execution
  • shortened project schedules
  • just-in-time readiness of materials

All Systems Installation’s proven method of prefabrication consists of a six-step process that begins in our design/BIM department and ends with just in time delivery to the jobsite.

Prefab graphic

A few examples of items our prefabrication team often assembles include:

 Speaker Distrubution  Microphone Distribution (1)  Complete Closet Solutions  Custom Portable Audio Rack (2)
    Speaker Distribution       Microphone Distribution  Complete Closet Solutions Custom Portable Audio Racks